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Therapy for Health. Therapy for Life.

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

‘Therapy for Health, Therapy for Life!’ has been Joint Effort Physical Therapy’s motto since 1999. But, what does this saying actually mean? The first half of the motto (‘Therapy for Health’) might come to you easily. If you underwent surgery, sustained an injury whether during a fall, playing sports, or an incident at work we want to help you return to your previous level of health. However, we would also like to prevent you from getting injured as well, thus protecting your health. Many people forget that physical therapy should be used as a preventative outlet as well, and it is important to remind our clients here in Colorado of that due to the active lifestyle most of them lead. From training to ultra-marathons to the weekend warriors hiking their first 14er and everyone in between can prevent injury by seeing a physical therapist to help identify and fix imbalances that can lead to injury.

‘Therapy for Life’ is you choosing to come to Joint Effort Physical Therapy throughout your life for all your physical therapy needs. We consider you part of our Joint Effort Family, not just another patient coming through the door. As you progress through life, you will face a variety of injuries and your healing time and needs will change with age. Luckily our highly trained staff will be here to help you along the way. We have seen children grow up into young men and women since we opened our doors, and parents turn into grandparents. We enjoy being a part of your life as much as you are a part of ours.

You have a say in your healthcare, you can choose to come and be a part of the Joint Effort Physical Therapy family. So, remember ‘Therapy for Health, Therapy for Life’ the next time you, a friend, or family is looking for a physical therapist. Remember you are always welcome to join our family at Joint Effort Physical Therapy!

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Therapy for Health.                   Therapy for Life.