Mary Bruning Success Story

I was experiencing chronic, low-level pain in my left foot for several months, probably secondary to a series of falls. I was limping, reluctant to walk any more than I had to, and depressed at the limitations this pain was putting on my daily activities. Then along came Debbie! I was very fortunate to have had access to Debbie Edwards’ skill and expertise six years ago when I pinched a nerve in my back. Because of her care then, I knew that should the need arise again for physical therapy, Debbie was the therapist I wanted to see. On my first visit this go-round, Debbie shared with me that she thought my foot pain could resolve completely. I put myself in her capable hands and over the course of about ten weeks, that’s exactly what happened. At every visit, I was impressed with Debbie’s evaluation and problem-solving skills. She thoughtfully and carefully implemented a course of treatment that addressed all the issues contributing to my foot pain. I noticed significant improvement very quickly and over an additional eight weeks or so, Debbie fine-tuned that initial improvement. At each visit, she asked and observed carefully. I confess that I didn’t really believe I’d make it to “pain-free” status but, thankfully, Debbie was right. While driving to my last appointment, I actually had trouble remembering which of my feet had been the reason for my physical therapy.

I am filled with gratitude to Debbie for her excellent care and for helping me to heal from this injury so successfully. Thank you, Debbie!

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