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The Best Care in Town
As a family-owned business with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, we are proud of our reputation for providing the Best Care in Town.  For over 15 years we have given our community the highest quality of care, and consistently maintain a Patient Satisfaction Rating of over 99%.  Your health, well-being and satisfaction mean a great deal to us, and we are prepared to meet and exceed your expectations of therapy to prove it.  

Therapy for Health.  Therapy For Life. 
Our highly-specialized staff offers a comprehensive list of services, allowing a more holistic approach to your care. These include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Kinesio Taping, Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology and many other specialized areas to get you back to your active lifestyle.


North Clinic

2835 Dublin Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
north [at] jointeffortrehab [dot] com

South Clinic

2989 Broadmoor Valley Road, Suite D
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
south [at] jointeffortrehab [dot] com

Success Stories

As an MD in a private practice, I've sent patients for years...but now it was my turn to be a patient (total knee replacement). The therapists were supportive, optimistic and always encouraging. The rest of the staff was equally cheerful and sunny. Overall an excellent...

Bruce Pattee, MD

When I was prescibed physical therapy following my 3rd low back surgery, I was less than thrilled. I had experienced an increase in pain and additional injury in the past during therapy elsewhere. Here at Joint Effort I have found therapy to be a godsend. The level of...

Chris Jordan

Dry Needling is magic!  I came in with severe sciatica and got immediate relief after the first session.  My symptoms were fully gone after several sessions.  I highly recommend Joint Effort.  The staff are all very professional and caring. 

Ed Griggs

When I first arrived at Joint Effort, I had extreme lower back pain which had a negative impact on my quality of life. I couldn't even stand straight without suffering from severe spasms. Joint Effort gave me my life back! I am now able to enjoy and take care of my baby...

Sherri Kuhlman

I went to the Dr. with a sore shoulder. The tendon was popping every time I raised my arm. They diagnosed it as tendonitis and sent me to Joint Effort. I never have heard anything good about physical therapy but I kept an open mind and did everything they suggested here...

Justin Noyce

I came into Joint Effort for rehabilitation after having surgery to replace my ACL (knee reconstruction). Most people told me that recovery would take six months; I was able to return to my normal activities within two months! I was even able to compete in (and win!) the...

Ashley Dekeyser

I came into Joint Effort feeling terrible with severe pain in my head, neck and shoulders. I was in enough pain that my doctor gave me Vicodin! After a month of therapy I feel like a new person. I really haven't felt this good in years. I would recommend them to anyone...

Catherine Schaller

Before my feet hurt and everytime I would run my heels would have a bad pain. But then you guys helped me out. Now when I go to run or do an activity I feel no pain." (10 years old)

Colby Rasplicka

When I started with Joint Effort I was having severe neck pain and spasms. I would like to state that today I am pain-free. My therapist was very in tune with my condition and with all his effort helped me with my body healing process. I extend many thank-yous to him and...

Shirley DiLorenzo

For 12 years I have had dizziness when rolling over in bed and when bending over to where my head is below my waist; this followed a week of extreme dizziness in 1992 when I was unable to stand, lie or sit up straight, apparently due to inner ear problems. After 3...

Jane Fansler

Health Tips

Shoulder tightness
Mild and moist heat can help loosen your shoulder. Try taking a warm shower or bath just before exercising your shoulder.
Repetitive injuries to the elbow
Poor technique in repetitive actions, such as tennis or golf swings, can cause elbow pain. Your therapist can guide and direct you to improve your function with these activities and speed your recovery.